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Got a new episode of Alice: Madness Returns for you, found here [link]

And here's the next installment of my friend and I playing Magical Diary [link]


In other news, I've got a CIRL Denmark Part 2 in the works, so that'll be up tonight or sometime tomorrow.
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So I'm Morgan. I honestly didn't expect this account to be almost all fanfiction, but that's what it's become.

I am a HUGE fan of the Dance Central games and Bodie is my favorite character of all time ever. I do believe I am in love with him. Dance Central: Bodie Stamp by TheRustyCat So you like DC? We'll be best friends.

The majority of stuff about me, don't hesitate to comment on my page or stories or send me a note and ask! I would love to hear from you guys.

I did have my luna account linked here. But I got some lemons reported so I tried making a deviation with links to the stories on my luna account and that got reported too. So I don't wanna risk putting the link here, for the moment. Ask me for it if you'd like though!

And now my Youtube account!… I do Let's Plays now of all shapes and sizes.

Also I'm on tumblr; link down below.

Talk to me! I don't bite...much. :iconprussiarapefaceplz:

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“Run, run, as fast as you can~ You can’t catch me, I’m the super handsome man!”

“Oh my god, Mathias! Now is not the time!”

“Aw come on, (Name)! What’s life without a little fun?”

“You think this is fun?!”

Another day in the life.

It had been almost two and a half years since Mathias appeared in your apartment, and a little over a year and a half since the two of you admitted you loved each other. And life had taken some pretty interesting turns.

Namely, Hetalia fans had begun recognizing him and chasing him around like a celebrity.

At first, it happened infrequently enough that you could laugh it off and tease him about it; to which he’d puff up his chest and get even cockier than normal for a little while. But then the chases increased in frequency as more people recognized him and subsequently told other people. And at this point you were just stressed out and fed up with it. You couldn’t even go to the grocery store with him without someone chasing after him.

Luckily no one had been able to follow you long enough to find out where you lived. But the cynical part of you had to wonder how long that would last.

Today was no exception to any of this.

The two of you had left to get some coffee from down the street. That was it!

The next thing you know, some fan spotted him and the chase began. Now, the two of you were running all over the damn county, trying to lose these people and not lead them to the new apartment you’d moved into last week.

Turning a sharp corner, you grabbed Mathias’ arm and dragged him into a small shop, hurriedly ducking behind some large displays and yanking him down with you. With your luck, he’d stay standing and the whole thing would start over again.

“Man. What a workout!” he enthused, grin plastered on his face despite the slightly heavy breaths he was taking.

You stared at him in annoyance before peeking around the edge of the display just in time to see the small crowd speed past the shop.

Mathias lightly shoved your shoulder. “Oh come on, it’s not that bad. You’ve been talking about wanting to get into shape any-“

“Just stop it, Mathias.”

He blinked, surprised at the sharp tone to your voice. “(Name)?”

You ignored him, continuing to watch the window before standing, cautiously optimistic that you were in the clear.

Mathias tugged on your hand to get your attention. “(Name). Hey. What’s the matter?”

Shaking your head, you made your way to the door. “I’m going home.”

Worried, Mathias scurried after you as you left the shop and made your way down the street. “Come on, babe. I was just kidding. It’s not like I want this to happen all the time.”

“You certainly act like you do.”


You opened your mouth to respond before clamping it shut and looking to the side, taking a moment before saying, “I’m not having this conversation in public. Let’s just go home.”

And with that, you began walking again, Mathias following right along behind you. He was eager to find out what the problem was so that he could fix it, whatever it was. It wasn’t often you acted like this so it scared him whenever you did.

Upon entering the apartment, Mathias waited until you’d made it to the kitchen before speaking up.

“So…what’s going on?”

“…I’m getting really tired of being chased all the time. I’m tired of being late to things because we have to run all over the place to lose your “fans.” I’m tired of people recognizing me and hurling insults at me because I’m clearly your girlfriend. I’m tired of having to practically sneak my way home because I’m afraid someone will find where we live and harass us; especially since we just moved here. I don’t want to have to move already.”

“Me neither-“

“And I’m really sick of how you seem to be encouraging this! You laugh and joke while they’re chasing us like it’s all fun and games. I know you’ve got a big and loud personality but it’s like you amp it up whenever we’re out so that these people will see you! Like you want them to keep chasing you! And it feels like I’m the only one that cares to try and put a stop to it!”

At this point you were a little red in the face from the built up frustration and stress and just general upset from all of this. And Mathias could only stare at you, stunned at everything you’d admitted and how badly this was affecting you.

A few minutes passed in silence before you lowered your head and admitted quietly, “And I get scared… Scared that one of those other people will appeal to you more; or you’ll end up liking this celebrity kind of lifestyle and leave to go immerse yourself in it. I-“

“God, (Name), no.”

You jerked in surprise as Mathias’ arms were suddenly around you and his face was suddenly in your neck which felt…wet?

…Was he crying?

“I could never leave you… Never, ever, ever,” he said, voice muffled by your neck and slightly strained sounding. “I love you and want to be with you forever. I was afraid you’d want to leave because of all this. I never meant to make you scared and I’m sorry it looked like I wanted all of this. I was just trying to cope and make a bad situation better… Please don’t leave me…”

You teared up at his explanation, the pitiful plea at the end hurting your heart.

“I don’t ever wanna leave you…,” you responded, curling your hands in his shirt and trying not to really cry when you heard the little sniffle he let out.

“That’s good… I wouldn’t be much of a King without my Queen.”

--Later on—

After your discussion, Mathias took matters into his own hands. He began speaking to his “fans” and putting on an act that he didn’t really know who they thought he was; and he was pretty convincing at it. Most people, once sure he “wasn’t really” Mathias, gave up with many apologies. Those who refused to listen were soundly scared off; especially those who began badmouthing you.

After that, things pretty much went back to normal.

Well…as normal as they can get when you’re dating the King of Northern Europe.
CIRL DenmarkxReader Part 2
Finally, the first chapter of the CIRL sequel series. I seem to unconsciously have Mathias on the brain, as everything Hetalia related recently has been about him.

If you haven't read the Intro, here is the link. Intro

If you go to the Intro, the links to the other countries' stories will be there. You can also check to see which countries have already been requested and add a comment with a country you'd like to see, if they haven't already been asked for. Please go to the Intro to make your requests.

The Intro chapter to the originals can be found here.

I don't own anything but the story and CIRL.
You belong to :iconsexydenmarkplz:

Got a new episode of Alice: Madness Returns for you, found here [link]

And here's the next installment of my friend and I playing Magical Diary [link]


In other news, I've got a CIRL Denmark Part 2 in the works, so that'll be up tonight or sometime tomorrow.
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My Boyfriend, the Other

2: Locus -  Sick Day

Locus wasn’t the…caring type. And you’d known that well before you’d begun dating him.

So his reaction to the first time you were sick enough to be laid up in bed was surprising, to say the least.

“(Name). What did I tell you about getting out of bed.”

“I had to use the bathroom, Locus.”

“And you should have waited for me to help you,” he said in that constantly threatening sounding voice of his as he picked you up in spite of your protests.

“Seriously, I can go to the bathroom on my own.”

“I’m not going to risk you falling and hitting your head,” he stated, setting you on your feet with an arm around you and lifting the toilet seat.

“Oh my god. What, are you gonna help me wipe?” you asked, grasping the waistband of your sweatpants tightly in case he decided to pull them down for you.

“Are you asking me to?”

“…No. Absolutely not.”

A slight shadow appearing on his face let you know he was smirking.

“If you take too long in here, I will come back in,” he threatened as he left, shutting the door behind him.

You stuck your tongue out at the door as it closed before getting to your business.

“Don’t stick your tongue out at me.”

Your gasp through the door made him chuckle quietly.

“How do you do that, you freak!!”

Locus stayed silent and waited until he’d heard the toilet flush and the sink stop running before going back in. The blank stare you gave him upon his re-entry earned you another quiet chuckle.

“Locus. I am not an invalid. I’m just sick.”

“Badly enough to be unable to leave your bed,” he replied, calmly picking you up again to carry you back to said bed.

“So?” you sassed, trying to deny how much you liked having him tuck you into bed.

“…So…we have to be careful.”

You crossed your arms and muttered huffily, fighting to hold back a smile. “You’re such a turd…”

Locus merely smirked and focused more on the smile you fought, instead leaning down to kiss your cheek.

“I am yours, however.”
Red vs Blue Drabble Series Other Edition
Something for turd Locus.

The way this drabble series is gonna work, is I have 4 sets/categories that they can fall into.
    1. My Boyfriend, the Blue
    2. My Boyfriend, the Red
    3. My Boyfriend, the Freelancer
    4. My Boyfriend, the Other (because I don't know what to put the AIs, mercenaries, and Doc into)

So each deviation will be titled Red vs Blue Drabble Series (Blue/Red/Freelancer/Other) Edition. And then it will have the official subtitle in the deviation and then the number this drabble is and who it's for and the title for that drabble. Hope that helps clear this up.

Also, here is the "Master Collection" of all the Red vs Blue drabbles. All of the links to the other drabbles will be there and you will be able to see what's been written so far.
Red vs Blue Drabble Master Collection

I own nothing.
You belong to Locus who has no icon.

Hey, guys

I have a new video of Castle Crashers for you, found here [link]. Only this is a bonus episode where I work out how to use the controller instead of the keyboard.

Also I only just noticed that the last episode of Castle Crashers is all wonky because Youtube thought it was shaky and "fixed" it. So I'm currently editing it so that it'll go back to the original, which should fix the problem. It'll be a while before it's done though.

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Hey, guys.

So I hate to do this but I think, at least for a little while, I'm only going to be putting up a video once a week. Based on the frustrations I've been having over the process of trying to get the videos made I just haven't been in the mood for this stuff. And on top of that there are renovations being done on my house which is causing chaos and more frustration which makes this a lot harder.

I'll be trying to stick to Tuesdays or Thursdays for putting up videos but it could be more random than that.

In the meantime, my friend and I put up another video of Magical Diary found here [link]. I do a pretty mean (translated: awful) smoker voice.

So I'm sorry for more delays and I wish it wasn't coming to this, but I'd rather give you guys good videos than crap. Thanks for understanding.
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