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“The world is out to get me, I swear,” you growled to yourself as you flopped down onto Ludwig’s couch. You’d finally gotten the courage to tell Gilbert that you had feelings for him, but everyone and their mother decided that today would be the perfect day to follow you around and interrupt you each time you tried. And the whole world, literally, was on your shoulders. Every other frickin’ country knew you were trying to confess and wanted to know how it was going. But each time one of them came to bother you about it, they ended up causing such a disruption that you couldn’t go through with it.

Part of you had to wonder if they were doing this on purpose, because seriously their timing was too perfect. Thinking back on all your attempts, you were honestly freaked out about just how all of your friends managed to pop up during your attempted confessions.


“Uh, h-hey, Gil?”

The cocky Prussian turned with a grin as he heard you call from the doorway to his room.

“Ja? Vat is it, (Name)?”

“I, uh, have something I need to tell you…”

Gilbert gestured you into his room with a dramatic flourish, forcing a giggle out of you and making you feel a tiny bit less stressed about this. So with a mock curtsey, you entered his room and sat next to him on his bed.

“You can tell me anything! Ze awesome me can solve any problem you may have!”

“Well I wouldn’t call it a problem, exactly.”

“Vell lay it on me.”

“Ok…,” you said, taking a deep breath to calm your nerves. “Gil, I—“


With a shriek, you toppled off of Gilbert’s bed as Alfred launched himself into the room. Gilbert sat there in shock for a moment before bursting into laughter while you just sat on the floor with an angry flush on your face.

“Alfred,” you growled, “you have until the count of five before I rip you a new one.”

“I-is that really necessary?”


“Hey! Come on now! I just wanted to know!”


“Hey, frau, vat are you so mad for?”


“(Name), please don’t kill me!”

“Four,” you muttered, standing up, making Alfred flinch back.



Alfred screamed and ran as fast as his hero legs could carry him, with you not far behind.

--End Flashback—

And of course by the time you’d made your way back to Gil’s house, he was gone. So then you’d texted him and asked him to meet you at a coffee house you both really liked.

--Flashback Two—

You tapped your fingers on the table as you waited for Gilbert. You’d already ordered drinks for both of you since neither of you was very original when it came to getting new things from this place.

“Yo, (Name)!”

You turned and grinned as you saw Gil jog over to you. You exchanged hellos before offering his drink to him, which he took with a huge grin.

“You know me so vell, frau,” he said, as he sat down across from you. You snorted as you took a sip of your own drink.

“Or we’re just really predictable.”

“Nonsense! I am vay too awesome to be easily predicted! I’m like…unpredictable to ze MAX!” You could only laugh at his loud exclamation. He was such a joke, but you always had fun with him.

“So vat did you vant to talk about, frau? And vhy’d you get so mad at Al earlier?”

You almost choked on your drink as you remembered the reason for this meeting. Coughing into your hand, you took the unintentional delay in the conversation to formulate your thoughts. Once you were satisfied with how you would tell him, you lowered your hand from in front of your mouth and started to speak.

“Hola, mis amigos!”

Or not.

“Hey, Toni! Hey, Francis!” Gil called out, waving to the two men as they sauntered over.

“’ow nice to see you both ‘ere!” Francis said, slipping into a seat next to Gil, while Toni sat next to you.

“Yeah, vat a coincidence. (Name) vas just about to tell me something.”

You cringed as Toni and Francis turned to you with knowing smirks on their faces. Since they were his best friends anyway, they would have figured out that you liked their friend at some point, but you were really regretting telling them yourself.

You sat there stuttering for at least a minute before standing abruptly, shocking the three men.

“I’ll see you guys later,” you said, before hurrying out of the coffee shop.

--End Flashback Two—

You rubbed your temples with a sigh. You would think the two of them would know better than to sit right there while you tried confessing to their friend. Especially Francis! But of course this would have to be the one time they didn’t mind crowding the two of you.

But oh ho! Let’s not forget the last interruption. This one was completely out of left field.

--Flashback Three—

Apparently Gilbert was beyond curious now as to what you wanted to tell him and had called you to demand you come over to his house. You didn’t have high hopes for this actually working since he did live with Ludwig after all. And if Ludwig was around, that meant that Feli would be around. At the very least.

So you barely felt anything but annoyance as you knocked on their front door and waited to be let in. When Gil was the one to answer the door, you could only hope that meant Ludwig was out.

Gil immediately latched onto your arm and dragged you into the living room, moving you to sit down before sitting right next to you.

“So. (Name). Ze awesome me has been dying to know vat it is you have been trying to tell me.”

“Is anyone here?”

“Nein. Vhy?” He gasped. “Did you do something really illegal?... I don’t see vhy you’d be worried about zat though. You are a country, so you’re almost above ze law...”

“No, Gil, I didn’t do anything illegal.”

“Is something wrong with your country?”


“Zen vat is it?”

You felt like you were about to throw up. This was it. You were finally going to tell him, for better or for worse.

“Gil…I lo—“

“Bruder, I’m home.”

Your eye twitched.

“Ah, (Name) is here? Have you told him yet? Don’t you think you should have by now?”

Ludwig, the human tank, flinched back as you shot a dirty glare at him before standing up.

“I…am going to go beat up a tree,” you said before walking away from the German brothers.

--End Flashback Three—

So after ridding yourself of your stress in the woods behind their house, you’d cautiously made your way back inside. You really couldn’t believe it. Of all people, Ludwig, had pestered you about confessing. Right after interrupting your third attempt! You were so sick of it. If you saw any of your friends’ faces you were going to throw a fit.

A commotion at the front door forced you out of your thoughts to see what was going on. You slowly stood and peeked around the corner to see everyone who’d interrupted and then some standing around. As soon as they saw you, they hurried over and crowded around you, all shooting questions at you. You could barely hear yourself think over the din they made. Your frustration was growing as they all asked if you’d confessed, why you hadn’t yet, were you chickening out. You could feel yourself reaching your boiling point.


The speed with which silence enveloped the room was something none of the countries had ever achieved before. If you’d been in a better mood, you would have said they deserved a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“Cherie, are you—“

“Shut up! All of you! I’m sick of you guys pestering me about confessing! I’ve been trying! But every single time I’ve worked up the courage, one of you gets in the way and messes it all up!”


“No! Do you have any idea how hard it is to just say “I love you, Gilbert” on its own?! And then to add you guys bursting in and asking if I’ve told him yet just makes it worse! God! At this point, I’m not even sure I want to tell him anymore, because I’ll be too worried someone will get in the way!”

“Frau, maybe you should—“

“I should what, Ludwig?! Tell your brother I love him?? I’ve. Been. Trying!”

“(Name), is zat true?”

You froze and turned to see Gil standing behind you. Your mouth got very dry and you barely noticed everyone dashing out of the room.

“Oh, now they mind their own business,” you muttered bitterly, refusing to look at your friend.

“(Name). Please answer me. Were you telling ze truth?”

You slowly nodded your head, still not looking at him.

“Vell it’s about damn time you said something!”

You looked up in shock and confusion at what he just said. Was your hearing going bad?


Gil grinned and strode over to you to wrap you in a tight hug. You were in such shock that you could only feebly lift your arms to return the hug.

“I’ve loved you for such a long time, but you never gave me any sign that you felt even a little bit of attraction towards me. So ven Toni and Francis told me you might have a thing for me and were planning on saying something soon, I could barely stop myself from going and saying something first!”

“Well…why didn’t you?” you asked, shyly peeking up at him. He smiled down at you and you blushed before ducking your head again.

“Because I just really vanted to hear you say it first, schatz,” he said, resting his chin on your head. “So vill you say it for me?”

“…I love you, Gilbert.”

You couldn’t help but laugh as he whooped and spun you around in a circle before setting you down and kissing you firmly. Smiles that seemed to stretch on for miles were on both of your faces as he pulled away.

“Ich liebe dich auch, (Name). Für immer und ewig.”

--Extended Ending—

“If any of you say something, I vill personally beat you to a pulp. You’re lucky I don’t now for how long you made me wait to hear meine schatz say she loves me.”

The silence that followed that statement was music to your ears.
Ok, here's another request! This time for :iconkanta-chan1: I hope you like it!

Holy shit was this long. Almost six pages in Word. I didn't even mean to, but this idea just needed the flashbacks and oh my goodness. So yes. I love this man though so it's ok.

I don't own Hetalia.
You belong to :iconprussiasmilesplz:
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you out had me hooked at "I'm going to go beat up a tree" XD
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Me on the third Interruption

Me: Why hello there Germany~ *evil grin*
Luddy: F-Frau 

Me: I have all ways wondered....If Germans could fly *grabs his shirt* Bye Bye Nowwwww *throws him out the window* Hmm it seems they can't *turns to gil* Aha Ha Haha Shit
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Confessing to someone is very serious. People who mess with that is in serious danger and she CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. so watch out pissed reader coming straight for ya! >w>
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