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You sighed as you watched a young couple swing a little child between them as they made their way around the park. You knew it was way too soon for you to have kids, but part of you couldn't help but wish for a little one of your own.

Deciding it'd be weird to mope about being childless at twenty at the park, you stood up and leisurely began the walk back to your apartment.

"Maybe I should just get a dog or something," you mused, tilting your head back to look at the afternoon sky. Although you knew it wouldn't feel the same. You can only nurture an animal so much.

A frown found its way onto your face as you unlocked the door to your home and stepped inside, closing the door behind you. You had no idea why this mothering nature had made itself known recently, but it was kinda starting to bum you out.

You made your way into the kitchen and began searching through the fridge, thinking that maybe if you cooked something you'd distract yourself for a little while. Your searching was abruptly halted as something collided with your lower legs, nearly knocking you into the fridge. A loud cry came from whatever was hanging onto your calves for dear life as it tightened its grip on you.

You closed the fridge and tentatively moved back from it a little before looking down at the thing that was holding you captive.

The most adorable little, not-supposed-to-exist, child was clinging onto your pants and staring up at you with the most tearful expression. Your eye was twitching with your effort to not squeal your lungs out.

Carefully, you reached down and plucked Chibitalia from your legs and cradled him in your arms. He sniffled and wrapped his tiny arms around your neck, pressing his face to the exposed skin there.

"Why are you crying, sweetheart?" you asked, running a hand over his head.

"I-I don't know *hic* where I aaaammmmmm!" You had to hold in a laugh at how cute he was being, but grew serious as you realized you'd have to explain the situation to him. You made your way to your bedroom and grabbed one of your volumes of Hetalia. Sitting down on your bed, you set Chibitalia on your lap and held the book open in front of him with your arms around him.

"You're in a different world, Ita-chan," you said softly, flipping through the pages slowly, mainly focusing on the ones that showed him. He "vee-ed" in response, seeming to understand what had happened, and rested one hand on your arm, the other touching the pages of the book every time particular images caught his eye.

When you reached the page that showed Chibitalia and Holy Rome saying goodbye, Chibitalia turned to look at you.

"Does-a Holy Rome live here?" Sadly, you shook your head and looked down at the picture.

"You're the only one, Ita-chan." He turned back to the book and placed a hand on Holy Rome's face before continuing to look through the book, as if coming to grips with his new fate. You got to the end of the book and set it aside, waiting to see what Chibitalia would do.

"Vee, what's your name, pretty lady?" he asked, tilting his head to look up at you.

"(Name)," you said, smiling. He stood up on your lap to kiss both of your cheeks in greeting.

"It's-a nice to meet you!"

"It's nice to meet you too, Chibitalia," you responded, gently pressing a kiss to each of his cheeks. A rumbling erupted from his stomach, making the both of you look down to where the sound came from. You laughed as he blushed and stood up with him in your arms again.

"Let's get you something to eat, ok?"



"(Name)! You're baaccckkk!" was the first thing you heard upon re-entering your home. The second was a thud as a small body tripped on itself and fell to the floor.

Stifling a giggle, you set down your groceries and went into the hall where Chibitalia was still lying, face-down, on the floor. You picked him up and he set about rubbing his nose furiously with his fists, trying to relieve the ache that his fall had caused. Walking into the kitchen, you set your "child" down on the counter and went back to the entrance to get your grocery bags.

When you set down the bags next to Chibitalia, he immediately began rifling through them, searching for the pasta ingredients you promised you'd get him. To your immense relief, he didn't act like as big a gourmet as he did in the anime. Although you weren't allowed to make boxed pasta and canned pasta sauce anymore. You had to make as much of it from scratch as you could.

"Vee, (Name)! You-a got the pasta things! Grazie!"

"I promised you I would, little Italy. Now let's get started on making dinner." He nodded eagerly and the two of you got to work on making fresh pasta dough.

By the time you were done, the two of you were covered in flour. Making pasta always ended up like this, but it was so much fun that you didn't mind. So once you put the pasta in a pan with its meat sauce and set it in the oven, you took Chibitalia to the bathroom to wash up.

"Mama, I wanna take a bubble bath!" Your steps faltered as you heard the new title come out of his mouth. He'd never called you that before, but some part of you had always hoped he would someday. He clearly hadn't realized what he'd called you. That, or he didn't realize the affect it had on you.

You opted not to say anything about it as you told him he could have a bubble bath if he didn't splash too much. Chibitalia excitedly jumped out of your arms and ran the rest of the way to the bathroom, causing you to chuckle. You entered the small room and started letting the tub fill up, grabbing the bottle of bubble bath and squirting a generous amount in the water.

Once the tub was filled, you helped Chibitalia undress and lifted him into the tub, dumping his clothes in the hamper in the corner.

"The water's so warm~!," Chibitalia sighed, playing with the bubbles that surrounded him.

"Well I wouldn't make you take a cold bath," you teased, taking some bubbles and blowing them at him. He giggled and swatted them away. You took a handful of suds and put them on your face like a beard, making the tiny country laugh. He took some in turn and put them over his eyebrows.

"Look! I'm-a England! Pip, pip, cheerio! Tea and crumpets and capatiller eyebrows." You doubled over in laughter at his attempts at being British.

"It's pronounced 'caterpillar,' Ita-chan," you corrected him, wiping some soap gently from his face to prevent it from getting into his eyes. He nodded in understanding and stood up in the tub, hands on his hips.

"I am the great Caterpillar Eyebrows! I make-a terrible food and talk-a to myself!" You laughed again and made him sit back down.

"I'm sure you're very frightful, but I think it'd be best if you sat while taking a bath. We don't want you to slip and hit your head." Chibitalia did as you said and rubbed all the soap off his face and then reached up to take off the lingering suds from yours.
The rest of the evening was filled with silliness and laughter. It wasn't hard to be bored when you had a silly little Italy running around your home.

At ten o'clock you knew it was bedtime when you saw Chibitalia start yawning. He could stay up surprisingly late, but you never let him stay up too late, since he was still a child. You picked him up and made your way to your bedroom. You'd made up your extra room for him to sleep in, but he always found a way into your bed. And ever since a particularly bad nightmare a month ago, he refused to go to bed anywhere but in your room.

After getting him into his pajamas, you set him down gently under the blankets and tucked him in. You had some school work to take care of, so you would be up for a little longer. You kissed his forehead and went to the doorway. You'd just shut off the light when Chibitalia spoke up.

"Goodnight, Mama. I love you."

"I love you too, darling. Goodnight. Sweet dreams."

You didn't care if others thought poorly of you for "being a single mother." You'd never been happier than you were now that you had Chibitalia.
So here's the first "little country" chapter of CIRL. Hope you guys like it! I feel like the beginning was a little sadder than it needed to be, but I hope the second half made up for it!

If you haven't read the Intro, here is the link. [link]

If you go to the Intro, the links to the other countries' stories will be there. You can also check to see which countries have already been requested and add a comment with a country you'd like to see, if they haven't already been asked for. Please go to the Intro to make your requests.

Also, I have now decided to make an "offshoot series" for the sequels to these CIRL chapters. [link] There is the Intro chapter. Please make requests for sequels there.

I don't own Hetalia or Chibitalia.
You are now the mama of :iconchibitaliaplz:
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"Look! I'm-a England! Pip, pip, cheerio! Tea and crumpets and capatiller eyebrows." You doubled over in laughter at his attempts at being British.

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