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You hummed happily as you walked home, a skip in your step. You'd just gone to the grocery store and found that the ingredients for your favorite meal were almost all on sale, so you stocked up, intending to make that meal tonight. And when good food was in your future, your mood was always kicked up a couple notches on the happy scale.

Swinging your bags, you made your way inside and began putting away your groceries. You smiled and pulled out the recipe and everything you would need. Nothing could bring you down right now.

You began humming again and started cutting up your ingredients, lightly swaying back and forth.

A hand grabbed your shoulder, making you scream and whip around pointing your knife at whoever was there. You almost dropped the utensil when you locked eyes with the man. He stared at the knife in a bored manner and then glared at you, causing you to flinch back a little bit.

"Where is Anya? Tell me now!" he growled, taking a step closer to you. You stared at him before your gaze hardened to a glare.

"You somehow end up in my home and think you can start demanding things? The hell is wrong with you?" His glare intensified and he began feeling around in his jacket, trying to find something. As you watched him look for what you assumed were his knives, you started feeling sick. You'd completely forgotten that this was Belarus. The male version of Belarus. And that meant he would be even stronger than his female counterpart.

You almost sighed in relief when his hands reappeared with nothing in them. For whatever reason, it looked like he didn't have his knives, which only meant good things for you.

Belarus scowled and looked back up, eyes trailing around your kitchen.

"Where am I?" he asked, as he focused on the knife set sitting on the top of your fridge. You gulped and began inching towards the doorway. When he turned back to you, you froze and tried relaxing your posture.

"U-uh, you're in…an alternate universe?" you guessed, not sure how the gender bent version of Hetalia worked. You assumed they would have no idea about their other selves.

His face softened into one of shock before tightening back into a furious grimace. You watched him like one would watch a wounded animal; carefully and with the most extreme caution.

"I can show you some proof. If you need it," you offered. He looked at you and begrudgingly nodded. You nodded back and turned to go to your room, hearing his footsteps following you closely. He was practically breathing down your neck as you entered your bedroom and went to find the things you needed, and it was making you uncomfortable. You grabbed a DVD and handed it to him then flipped open your laptop, waiting for it to wake up.

"How does this prove you're not lying?" he seethed, tossing the DVD onto your bed. You sighed and picked it back up, pointing to the picture of Russia.

"Doesn't he look familiar?" you asked. He stared hard at the image before his eyes widened.

"That looks like Anya!" he said, grabbing the DVD to get a better look. "But why is she a man?" You searched for pictures of the Nyotalia countries and turned the computer screen to him.

"Anya is technically supposed to be a man. And you're technically supposed to be a woman," you said, not entirely sure how to explain this. You began showing him pictures of himself and the countries he knew and then comparing them to the "originals." He seemed to understand what you were showing him, but his scowl never left his face.

Once you finished, he sat down on your bed and stared at the floor, resting his elbows on his knees. He looked defeated to you, but you weren't sure what to do about it. So you just sat on the floor near him and waited for him to do something. He glanced at you out of the corner of his eye before focusing on his hands.

"What's your name?" he asked gruffly. You blinked at him, surprised he asked.

"(Name). What's yours?"


"Nice to meet you, Nikolai," you said, boldly reaching out to pat his knee. He grunted and looked away from you.

"So now what?" he demanded.

"You tell me," you said. "You're the one in another world."

"I'm going to live here," he said. You started to object before shutting your mouth. That would only make him angry and besides, where else would he go?

"Alright, fine," you said. "But don't think I'm going to baby you. You have to help out around here." He sneered at you and stood up to tower over you.

"I'm not a freeloader," he snapped, going back to the kitchen. You watched him leave and sighed.

"You better not be," you muttered, getting up to follow him.


"Hey, Nikolai! Can you help me bring this inside?" you called into your front door, leaning against the new chair you'd just bought. Nikolai had decided that whenever he was mad, your chair was the perfect stress reliever. Because of that, you'd had to go buy a new one because you didn't want anyone seeing the mangled mess he'd made and asking about it.

You heard some muttering then saw him coming down the hall. You stepped aside to let him out and before you could bend down to help him pick up the furniture, he'd picked the thing up himself and carried it into the living room.

"You didn't have to bring it in on your own, Nik!" you said, hurrying after him. He grunted and set the chair down where the old one used to be.

"I told you I wasn't a freeloader," he grumbled, moving the chair into place.

"That was months ago, Nik," you said, rolling your eyes. "And you've proved you do your fair share. But lately you've been doing part of my share too, and that's not right. I don't want you doing all of the work." He shrugged and headed back to his room.

"If I don't take care of you, who will?" You blushed when he said that and hesitantly followed him. You didn't understand it, but he'd been acting more…protective of you lately. He went with you almost everywhere he could, did any work that he thought was too much for you, and just treated you like you were made of glass. Part of you saw this leading to an obsession like he had for his sister, who he'd all but forgotten about, but you weren't entirely sure. He'd started out rough and gruff and a little crazy, but he'd calmed down some since he'd started living with you.

"Nik, you don't have to do everything for me, though," you said, leaning on his doorframe. He glanced at you and started fiddling with a knife he kept on his nightstand.

"But what if I want to?"

"I-I…why do you want to?" His eyebrows furrowed and a faint blush appeared on his cheek.

"Because I love you. I love you more than Anya even, and I don't want anyone else to have you, ever!" There was that possessiveness you'd grown used to. You went over to him and ran a hand over his head, making him look at you. You smiled at him and kissed him on his nose.

"I love you too, Nik. But that means we have to share things. And that includes work." He nodded and pulled you down for a rough kiss.

"As long as you're mine, I don't care about anything else."
Alright, so MaleBelarus chapter is a fail chapter. I thought I could manage to write him somewhat decently, but I'm not too sure anymore.

Anyway, so this is my first Nyotalia story and I hope I did alright.

If you haven't read the Intro, here is the link. [link]

If you go to the Intro, the links to the other countries' stories will be there. You can also check to see which countries have already been requested and add a comment with a country you'd like to see, if they haven't already been asked for. Please go to the Intro to make your requests.

Also, I have now decided to make an "offshoot series" for the sequels to these CIRL chapters. [link] There is the Intro chapter. Please make requests for sequels there.

I don't own Hetalia or Belarus.
You belong to :iconmalebelarusplz:
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