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October 27, 2012
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You slowly sat up and realized that everyone had gone silent at your movement. Hesitantly, you opened your eyes and looked around.

Well great. You were in the middle of a World Meeting.


And just like that, the silence was broken as a large majority of the nations began shouting back and forth about you and how you got there.

"AHAHAHAHA, DUDE!! She totally fell out of the ceiling!!"

"You bloody idiot, she didn't fall from the ceiling! Didn't you see the portal that opened up?!"

"Ohohoho, silly England. No one uses such outdated terms. It was a gateway to my love~."

You weren't sure whether to laugh because of how they ridiculous they were, or cry because nothing was going to be done about your predicament. A very audible gasp was heard from Italy as he bounded over to you to grasp your hands with Germany trailing behind him.

"Bella! Since you just came here, you probably don't have a place to stay, right?" he asked, tilting his head.

"Um, yeah, that's right," you agreed, letting him pull you off the table.

"Vee~ Then you should come stay with me!" And cue the arguing increasing tenfold.

"No way, dude! She should totally come with the hero!" America shouted, striking a pose.

"You'd kill her in a week with all of your insanity and unhealthy eating! She should come with me," England yelled, trying to push America off of the chair he was standing on.

"But mon ami, if she went with you she would die in a day!" France declared, holding a wrist to his forehead dramatically.

"But the pretty chica would have much more fun at my house, si?"

"Kolkolkol. She will be one with Mother Russia eventually, so it does not matter who she stays with, da?"

"Hahaha! It makes so much more sense for her to come with the King of Northern Europe!!"

Your head was starting to hurt from all the shouting and you apparently weren't the only one having issues with this "discussion." You had glanced at Germany to see his right eye twitching erratically as he clenched his fists. And since everyone else seemed exactly the same as in the anime, you had not doubt that he was about to explode.




Italy was now cowering behind you and the majority of the nations were staring at Germany with gaping mouths; as if this was something new to them. Germany straightened from his hunched position and drew a deep breath as he ran a hand over his hair to push it back. You had to resist the urge to flinch back when he turned to look at you.

"So, mädchen. How do you vant to handle zis? As Italy said, you have nowhere to go. And clearly," Here he sent a scowl around the room. "You have plenty of offers for a place to stay." You peered around the room for a minute, noting all of the eager faces that were expecting you to choose them. But there was really only one person you'd feel comfortable living with, temporarily or otherwise.

You looked back at Germany.

"Can I stay with you?" The look on his face when you asked him that was beyond priceless. It was disbelief mixed with flattered with just a dash of embarrassed. You wanted to hug the stuffing out of him because of that look.

"I mean, if you'd be uncomfortable with that, I understand. I can ask someone else if they wouldn't mind," you added when he didn't say anything.

"Uh, nein! It's-it's fine. You can stay with me if you vould like." You beamed up at him, making his face go red, now feeling very happy with your current situation. You stuck out your hand for him to shake as you introduced yourself.

"My name's (Name). Thank you for helping me."

"It's not a problem," he said, gently grasping your hand in a handshake. "You may call me Ludwig."


"Hey, Ludwig?"


"Why is that whenever Gil has Toni and Francis over, we're the ones who have to clean up after them?"

"Because mein bruder is a dummkopf."

"I see." You both sighed in unison and continued working on cleaning up the giant mess the three men had left behind in the kitchen. After having lived with Ludwig, and Gilbert, for almost a year, you had come to expect certain antics around the house. But that didn't mean you were completely used to them yet.

Like Gil deciding to show off his "awesome baking skills" to Toni and Francis to prove he could do anything just as well as, if not better than, Ludwig. The treats he made always turned out great. The kitchen? Always ended up looking like a war zone. How he managed that each and every time was beyond you. And of course he was too awesome to stay behind and help clean.

"Ludwig, I think we're going to need some of that special cleaner. Gil might have burnt peanut butter to the side of the fridge."

"Again? How does he keep managing to do zat?"

"Oh and there's an exploded raspberry in the microwave."

"Ja, ja, I'll go get ze cleaner," he sighed, setting down his mop and exiting the room.

"Maybe get that foam stuff too!" you called after him. "I think there's fried coconut milk in the grout above the sink." A grumble was all you heard in reply which made you giggle. Ludwig was too adorable sometimes and he didn't even try. Despite most people's opinions of him, he was a really sweet guy. He was just unsure of himself.

Although, that sort of awkwardness just drew you to him like a fly to honey. In no time at all, you'd found yourself falling for the gruff man. But you didn't want to say anything and possibly ruin what you had already.

A crash followed by a curse from the hallway caught your attention.

"Ludwig? Are you alright?" you called out, resting your mop against the table before heading to the doorway that connected to the hall. But you accidentally stepped in a slippery section of the floor and fell forward with a cry, landing with your top half in the hallway. You groaned and lifted your head up to see Ludwig down the hall with cleaning supplies surrounding him and a bucket on his head.

The two of you just stared at each other before you burst out laughing, causing a chuckle to rise from Ludwig.

"Wow, we sure are a graceful pair, huh?" you teased, carefully standing and going over to help extract the male from the pile of supplies. Ludwig chuckled again as he shoved some containers away from himself.

"Perhaps even enough to get into ze ballet," he joked. You giggled and held out a hand for him to grab. He took your hand but something had snagged his pants, so instead of you lifting him up, he pulled you down.

A small shriek left you as you tumbled forward onto Ludwig, throwing your arms out on either side of him to try and catch yourself. His arms wrapped around your waist to prevent you from hitting the floor as he fell onto his back with a grunt. You sighed exasperatedly and made to get up, only to find yourself unable to move. Curiously, you looked up at Ludwig to see him blushing furiously. Your face quickly matched his for color when you realized what position you were in and that he wasn't letting you go.

"L-Ludwig?" you questioned, voice barely above a whisper. You saw something flash in his eyes and suddenly they were shut and his lips were against yours.

And you blanked. The man you loved was kissing you, and you blanked.

Ludwig pulled away and turned his head away from you.

"...Forgive me, (Name). I...don't know what came over me." He started to lift you off of him but you tackled him back to the floor, pressing your lips to his. You pulled away to see pure shock across his face.

"I'm sorry, Ludwig! You kissed me and I just blanked! I couldn't believe it was happening!" you explained, trying to make him understand.

"So you...," he started, looking at you skeptically.

"I-I love you, Ludwig," you said softly, lowering your gaze. You heard him inhale sharply before he was lifting your face and kissing you again, almost desperately. He pulled away just enough to whisper against your lips.

"Ich liebe dich auch, (Name). I really do." You smiled wide and began placing kisses all over his face, making him blush.

"Now if only we could get Gil to clean up after himself, this day would be beyond perfect."

"I couldn't agree more, lieben."
Germany's chapter is here. WHY ARE YOU SO EASY TO WRITE FOR?!

If you haven't read the Intro, here it is. [link]

When you go to the Intro you'll be able to see the list of countries that are already requested and the links to the chapters that are completed. If you would like to make a request, please do so with a comment on the Intro chapter only.

I don't own Hetalia or Germany.
You belong to :iconsexygermanyplz:
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