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You slowly sat up and realized that everyone had gone silent at your movement. Hesitantly, you opened your eyes and looked around.

Well great. You were in the middle of a World Meeting.


This was... Were you dreaming? You had to be dreaming. There was no way that you had actually fallen into the world of Hetalia. How was that even possible? You wanted to ask but before you could actually voice this question, Italy had managed to launch himself at you in a hug, thus knocking you over from your sitting position.

"Vee, how did a pretty lady like you get here?" he asked, not seeming to mind in the least that he was hugging a complete stranger. Once again, you weren't given the opportunity to say anything because Germany had yanked Italy off of you to scold him.

"You'll have to forgive my idiot fratello. He doesn't understand things like personal space." You jumped slightly at the voice and turned to see Romano standing near you. When he noticed you looking at him, he lazily held a hand out in an offer to help you off of the table.

"Um, it's okay," you said as you took his hand and slid off the table. "He didn't do any harm." Romano scowled and let go of your hand.

"He's such an idiota. I can't believe we're related," he muttered, glaring at his brother who was now wailing at Germany to stop yelling at him. "And he's always hanging around that damn potato bastard. Does he even like Veneziano?" A giggle escaped you, which caused Romano to direct his glare at you. You quickly zipped your lips and looked at him innocently, but you knew he wasn't fooled. You both stared at each other for a moment before he sighed and frowned at the floor.

"How did you get here?" he asked, scuffing a shoe back and forth on the tile.

"I have no idea. It just kind of happened. I'm sorry I interrupted the meeting though."

"We don't get much accomplished anyway," he said with a shrug.

"It must be tough, since you're all countries." His eyes flicked up to you, a serious look on his face.

"How do you know about that?"

"U-um, w-well where I'm f-from, you all are just...characters in a show," you said, a little fearful of how severe he looked. Romano eyed you skeptically for a moment before letting his face relax just a tad.

"I guess I have no choice but to believe you for now," he huffed, staring uninterestedly at a scuffle that was now breaking out between several members of the Allies. You inched back when you saw what was going on and had to wonder how they hadn't all killed each other yet.

"If what you said was true, you can't seriously be surprised at what's happening," Romano mused.

"I'm not, but it's much different seeing it in person," you replied, mouth hanging open as you watched America almost throw England out the window.

"I think it's time to get you out of here," he said, grabbing your elbow and pulling you out of the room. You didn't even want to protest because DAMN was his glare scary! But as he led you out of the building, you remembered that you had nowhere to go. So him just kicking you out wasn't going to help you one bit.

"Hey, hold one!" you cried out, digging your feet into the sidewalk a little bit to slow him down. "I have nowhere to go! You can't just throw me out like this!" Romano scoffed and kept dragging you along, apparently not at all hindered by your attempts to get him to stop.

"Who said I was throwing you out?"

"...Huh?" He growled at your inability to follow where he was going with this and stopped abruptly, causing you to almost run into him. A sigh escaped him as he turned to look down at you.

"You obviously have no place to stay or even any money to rent a-a place, so you-you can..." It seemed that his nerves were starting to get the best at him because he started to fumble over his words while refusing to look you in the eye. You thought you knew what he was trying to say and decided to just say it yourself.

"Are you offering for me to stay with you?" A furious blush exploded on his cheeks as he nodded and glared at an extremely offensive lamppost across the street.

"That's a very nice offer, but you don't even know my na--,"

"What's your name?" You stared at him for a moment before hiding a laugh inside a cough. He was too cute.

"(Name). (Full Name)."

"Hmph. You can call me Lovino."

"It's very nice to meet you, Lovino."

"Likewise." And with introductions out of the way, he resumed dragging you down the street. What fun.


A disgruntled sigh left you as you gazed up into an apple tree in Lovi's backyard. You'd spotted the most beautiful apple you'd ever seen and you wanted it very badly, but of course, it was too high for you to grab. So you sighed again and rolled up your sleeves, fully prepared to do whatever it took to get that apple.

Grunts and groans escaped you as you made your way through the branches, steadily getting further and further up the tree.

"Damn, this thing is higher up than I thought," you muttered, swinging a leg up onto the branch next to you. But somehow you'd misjudged the distance between your body and the branch and missed completely. Not only did this throw you off balance, but you'd been in the middle of pulling yourself up, and with only your arms supporting your swinging body, you couldn't keep yourself up. A startled shriek left you as your hands lost their grip on their respective branches causing you to fall through the foliage.

The air whistling past your head prevented you from hearing the terrified shout of your name as you desperately tried grabbing onto anything to slow your fall. But before you could hit the ground, something slammed into you from the side and wrapped itself around you as you began tumbling down the small hill next to the tree.

You had just stopped rolling and your vision was still blurry when you were grabbed and shaken back and forth.

"You stupid girl! Why on earth were you climbing that tree all alone?! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?! You're lucky I came outside when I did, or you could have really hurt yourself! You might have even died!!"

"L-Lovi--," you tried interrupting, brain rattling around in your skull. He was going to end up breaking your neck at this rate.

"What reason could you possibly have had to start climbing so far up?!" he shouted, finally stopping his abuse of your neck.

"I wanted an apple..."


"Lovi, you're overreacting," you muttered, reaching up to rub your neck, unsure of how to react to this protective side of your housemate. A growl was all the warning you had before he grabbed your face and yanked it to his to kiss you fiercely. A whimper escaped you at the bruising force behind this surprise attack. Sure, a part of you had always wanted to kiss the angry Italian, he was absolutely adorable and you'd found yourself falling for him, but this was a bit extreme.

Lovi seemed to sense your discomfort because he pulled away to look at you before gently kissing you again, this time being so gentle you almost didn't feel it. But you still responded eagerly, even reaching up to rest a hand on the side of his neck. A satisfied hum vibrated through his chest as he pulled away to hold you close and bury his face in your neck.

"Forgive me for shouting, bella," he said quietly, a much different tone in his voice than what you were used to. "But I just don't want to see you get hurt. I... I love you too much."

A quiet giggle left you as you hugged him back. This wasn't how you pictured any sort of confession going, but you'd take what you could get.

"I love you too, Lovi." You felt the heat of his blush on your neck and laughed. Lovi pulled away and scowled at you as if his face wasn't redder than the tomatoes he loved so much. You reached up and gently flicked his nose, making his face scrunch up.

"You're adorable, Lovi."

"I-I am not!"

"Aawww~! I'll have to tell Toni about this!"

"You're not telling that tomato bastard anything!!!"
Ok, so here's Romano's chapter for LtHL. I'M SO SORRY IT'S TAKING ME SO LONG TO WRITE NEW THINGS AND THAT THIS ISN'T ALL THAT GREAT. But freaking school is just draining me of all my desire to do anything. But I'm really going to try and write more often. Hopefully I can manage that.

Also, I really don't care for this new submission page. Just seems pointless to me.

If you haven't read the Intro, here it is. [link]

When you go to the Intro you'll be able to see the list of countries that are already requested and the links to the chapters that are completed. If you would like to make a request, please do so with a comment on the Intro chapter only.

I don't own Hetalia or Romano.
You belong to :iconsexyromanoplz:
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Lovi: *Blushes* Dammit!

(Lol so cute and bring it, you damned lampposts! It's on like Kangaskan!)
Hetaliamusicdrama1 Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just clicked this and read it and ive been sat here for ast five minutes thinking about this, but does LtHL stand for something like Living the Hetalia Life? Jw and thats so cute~~~~~~
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Yes, it stands for Living the Hetalia Life. If there's ever an acronym in one of my titles, you can go to the Intro chapter to find out what it stands for!
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Living the Hetalia Life and Countries in Real Life. It says that on each series' intro chapter.
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