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Ludwig was suspicious. And in his mind he had every right to be.

Because his girlfriend, you, had been spending a lot of time with your mutual friend, Feli recently. Who is better known as the Northern part of the country Italy.

Normally, Ludwig wouldn’t find anything weird about you hanging out with the bubbly Italian. The two of you had been best friends longer than Ludwig had even known him; he’s how the two of you met after all. But recently you were spending more and more time with Feli. You’d even started turning down spending time with Ludwig to do stuff with Feli. And Ludwig was getting jealous.

Being the over thinker that he is, his mind was all over the place as to what could be going on. Were you cheating on him with Feli? Part of him refused to believe that of either of you. But the other part couldn’t let it go as an option. Were you pregnant and seeking Feli’s company to find out how to deal with it? Ludwig hoped that that wasn’t true because he’d told you that he would never get mad at you for telling him anything. What if you just plain didn’t love him anymore? God, he hoped you still loved him. He’d never thought he could love someone as much as he loved you and he’d be damned if he were to lose you.

But Ludwig being Ludwig was too scared to confront you straight on. Because what if he was just being silly and his suspicions upset you or drove you away? He couldn’t bear to end up being wrong and wind up hurting your feelings because he was being stupid.

So what does he do instead? Be stupid in another way and decide to sneakily follow you the next time you go to see Feli.

~~Later That Day~~

“Kesese, you are such a scumbag, bruder.”

“Be quiet, Gilbert, they might hear you… And I am not.”

Ludwig was seriously beginning to wonder why he’d allowed his older brother to tag along on this. But he supposed two sets of eyes could be better than one. Provided Gilbert actually paid attention to what was going on.

“Luddy, you’re creeping around in bushes so you can spy on your girlfriend. I’m pretty sure zat makes you a scumbag,” Gilbert teased, a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Zis is ze only vay I’m going to find out vat’s going on with her,” Ludwig hissed with a red face. Deep down he knew that what he was doing was completely ridiculous, but he kept trying to rationalize it, to himself more than anyone else.

Before Gilbert could retort, Ludwig shoved his head down into the bushes before ducking himself. Just in time too, because you were just walking by with Feli. Ludwig’s eyes narrowed in on your linked arms and a scowl made its way onto his face.

As soon as you were far enough away, Ludwig let Gilbert up.

“Vat ze holy hell vas zat for?!” Gilbert demanded in a high pitched whispered.

Ludwig glared at Gilbert as he stood and looked after you. “You would have gotten us caught. Now let’s go.”

For the rest of the day, Ludwig and Gilbert trailed after you and Feli. And Ludwig was completely stumped. You were doing nothing out of the ordinary. The two of you weren’t being overly affectionate with each other, you weren’t hugging any more than usual, you didn’t look like you were upset about something. You and Feli were acting the same way you always did around each other!

“Vat is going on?” Ludwig muttered to himself, now from his hiding spot behind a mailbox. Gilbert yawned obnoxiously as he leaned against said mailbox.

“Maybe you’re just being paranoid, bruder. Clearly they’re doing nothing wrong.”

“But zen vhy has she been spending more time with him?”

Gilbert shrugged. “Maybe they’re making up for something in ze past? I don’t know. Vhy don’t you just ask?”

Ludwig just glared at nothing as he realized that, for once, his brother was handling a situation better than him. But he ignored that thought as he noticed you and Feli leaving the store you were in and heading down the street. He grabbed Gilbert’s elbow and dragged him along with him through the crowds, while being careful not to be seen.

After a few minutes, Ludwig realized that the two of you were heading to Feli’s house. His eyes narrowed as he started wondering what you would be doing there, since you’d be alone now.

He shook his head, feeling slightly ashamed of himself as he began to wonder if he really was taking things too far. But by the time he came to again, he was already standing in front of Feli’s door.

With a slightly defeated sigh, he hung his head and turned, saying to Gilbert. “Come on, bruder, let’s go—“


With a loud shout, Ludwig whipped around to see the door flung open and a crowd of people standing inside, with you at the front. Streamers were still raining from the sky and a few balloons had escaped the confines of the house as they drifted up to the clouds. His mouth opened and closed as he watched you laugh and move forward to give him a hug.

“I-I-…Vat is all zis??”

Another laugh escaped you as you looked up at him. “I set up a surprise party for you. Almost all of our friends are here. Only you would manage to forget your birthday, sweetheart. I guess that’s good though, because you never figured out what I’ve been up to.”

At the reminder of what he had thought you were up to, Ludwig looked down at you guiltily, not noticing that everyone had gone back inside to give you two a moment.

“(N-Name), I… I need to tell you something…”

“About thinking something was up with me and Feli? Or that something was wrong?”

“H-How did you know…?”

You giggled lightly. “Gil told me, actually.”

Ludwig looked at you incredulously. “Gilbert??”

“Yes. Gilbert,” you said with another laugh. “He can read you like a book when he wants to. And then you actually told him what was up and that only confirmed it.”

Ludwig huffed in slight annoyance at his brother before looking back at you sadly. “I’m so sorry I suspected you like zat. It vasn’t fair or right of me.”

You smiled softly and held his face to bring him down for a light kiss. “Don’t worry, Ludwig. I was acting pretty weird. I’m sorry I let you worry like that.”

“Don’t be,” he said quietly, resting his forehead on yours with his eyes closed.

You hummed happily and ran your thumbs over his cheeks. “I love you.”

He opened his eyes with a smile. “Ich liebe dich auch.”

The two of you stood there for a minute before a loud voice interrupted your moment.

“If you two don’t get in here, we are going to eat all the cake!”

“I swear to god, Alfred, if you touch that cake before I say so I will burn down all of your McDonald’s!”

Ludwig couldn’t help chuckling as he watched you dash off after the obnoxious American. He couldn’t be happier admitting he had been wrong. Because he wouldn’t give you up for the world.
So this took a ridiculous amount of time to start and write up. This is :iconkarenxkarebear:'s request and I am so so SO sorry it took this much time to get done. I really hope you like it!

I don't own Hetalia.
You belong to :iconsexygermanyplz:
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“I swear to god, Alfred, if you touch that cake before I say so I will burn down all of your McDonald’s!”

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