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Feeling utterly exhausted, you collapsed on your bed and lazily burrowed into your pillows. You'd never imagined having children would drain you to this extent. You loved your babies, but holy crap did they require a lot of your time. They were just over three months and very healthy, but sometimes you wondered where they got all of their energy from. You knew that the moment they learned to crawl, they'd be all over the place. You and Arthur had already started making the whole house baby-proof. Locks were set on all the cabinets and drawers, gates were put up at the top and bottom of the stairs, and you had both started a habit of closing doors inside the house.

Arthur fell down on the opposite side of the bed, making you bounce. With a groan, you swatted in his general direction before letting your arm flop uselessly onto the covers. Your husband chuckled and ran a hand up and down your back.

"Tired?" he asked softly, scooting closer to you.

"What gave it away?"

"Just a lucky guess, really." You grumbled and snuggled into the arms he'd opened up for you. A sigh escaped both of your mouths as you lay in bed, not even caring that you hadn't changed out of your clothes. Arthur trailed his fingers through your hair in a soothing manner. It wasn't long before the two of you were out cold.

After what felt like only two seconds later, but was actually two hours, you woke up to the shrill cries of the twins. You moaned and lifted yourself up on your arms, letting your head hang as you tried to wake up a little more. But before you could get up, Arthur gently pushed you back down.

"Don't worry about it, love," he said, kissing your forehead. "I'll take care of them."

"But what if they need fed, Artie?" you whispered, not wanting to just let him go to them alone.

"There are bottles down in the kitchen, (Name)," he said, chuckling. "I'll be fine. You go back to sleep." And with another kiss to your forehead, he got out of bed and went across the hall to the nursery. Alfred and Matthew's cries stopped almost as soon as you heard Arthur open the door to their room. It always amazed you that they seemed to know when their parents were coming to take care of them. They cried, got your attention, and as soon as you were near them they stopped; like they realized help was on the way and they didn't need to make a fuss anymore. And on the few occasions you had to take them out somewhere with you, they didn't do anything more than quiet whimpering.

You lifted your head as you heard Alfred and Matthew giggling at something Arthur had done. Smiling gently, you sat up, unable to fall back asleep. You slowly set your feet on the floor and stood up, stretching your arms above your head. Another giggle floated to you as you made your way out of the bedroom.

You peeked into the nursery and smiled before leaning against the doorframe, content to just watch the scene before you for a moment.

Arthur was humming a lullaby to the babies as he held both of them in his arms while rocking them lightly. Little Alfred had his hand fisted in Arthur's shirt and Matthew was tightly clasping the small teddy bear that had been one of the gifts at your baby shower. Their eyes were barely open as they yawned simultaneously.

Quietly, you walked over to your family and gently placed a hand on Arthur's shoulder. When he looked at you, you smiled at him and rested your cheek near your hand.

"They're beautiful, aren't they," you whispered, reaching out to run your hand over the soft curls of Matthew's head.

"Just like their mother," Arthur whispered back, placing a kiss on the top of Alfred's head before handing him to you.

"But I bet they'll be as intelligent as their father," you replied, holding your baby close. Arthur smiled and guided you to the small sofa that was placed against the wall. You both sat down and leaned on each other as you rocked the boys back and forth.

"Hopefully they'll act like gentlemen as well."

"Matthew maybe. But I have a feeling Alfred will be a little wild."

"As long as they're happy, I suppose it doesn't really matter," Arthur said, although you knew he really wanted his children to act properly. You kissed his cheek and looked down at the now sleeping babies.

"I don't think I've ever been this happy," you said thoughtfully.

"Neither have I, love. Neither have I."
Welp. It's super short. So I'm sorry. But I hope the fluff makes up for it?

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: You are here!
Chapter 3: Coming Soon

I don't own Hetalia, England, America, or Canada.
You belong to this little family :iconenglandplz: :iconcuteamericaplz: :iconchibicanadaplz:
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