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You nervously sat on the check-up table, waiting for your doctor to come back in. For the past two weeks you'd been feeling very sick and while your husband, Arthur, speculated it was just a virus, part of you believed it to be something else.

Your head shot up as the door opened, causing the doctor to chuckle at your eagerness. You grinned sheepishly and sat up straight, waiting to hear the results of your tests.

"Well Mrs. Kirkland, I have all of your test results," the doctor said, flipping through the sheets on his clipboard. "Everything seems fine. You're perfectly healthy and…" You could have slapped him for being dramatic.

The doctor looked up at you with a smile.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Kirkland. You're pregnant." You squealed happily and leapt up to hug the doctor. He chuckled and patted your head before gently guiding you to the door.

"I suggest you find your husband. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear the news." You nodded enthusiastically and grabbed your purse.

"Thank you so much!" you said, before dashing out of the room. You quickly made your way outside and got into your car, unable to stop giggling giddily. You and Arthur had been married for five years and this past year had been almost nothing but attempts at getting pregnant. The two of you were eager to start a family of your own and now you were one step closer to that goal.

Since you had taken the whole day off from work to go to your appointment, you headed straight to Arthur's work building, knowing that you wouldn't be able to wait until he got home.

You carefully maneuvered your way through the parking lot in front of his building and hurried inside. Running up to the front desk, you asked if Arthur was in and if so, where you could find him.

"He's in a meeting right now, Mrs. Kirkland. I'm not sure if you'll be allowed in to see him."

"But I have to tell him something! Please, just tell me which room they're in." The secretary could see it in your face that this was important so she sighed and wrote down the room number and how to get there for you. You thanked her profusely and made your way to the room.

You soon found it and hesitated outside just for a second before pushing the door open, surprising the people inside.

"(Name)? What is it? Is something wrong?" Arthur asked, immediately worried upon seeing your figure.

His co-workers, most of which were your friends, offered greetings and questions, but you tuned them out, only being able to focus on your husband. He sensed your intensity and began making his way to you, growing even more anxious.

But before he was half-way, you smiled the brightest smile he'd ever seen on your face and ran at him to give him a hug.

"I'm pregnant, Arthur!" you shouted, unable to hide your glee anymore. He stood there in shock, not quite comprehending what he just heard. All he could hear was a strange buzzing, but soon all of the shouts and cheers from the others in the room crashed in on him and he came back to his senses, wrapping his arms around you and swinging you in a circle.

Arthur set you down, but didn't let go of you and covered your face with kisses, not even caring that there were others surrounding you both. You looked up at him and giggled before looking around at your friends.

"Bella, this is-a wonderful news! Congratulations!" Feli shouted, stealing you from Arthur and squeezing you.

"Ja, congratulations, frau," Ludwig said, a rare smile showing on his face. You thanked them both, still beaming and looked over at Arthur, who was being congratulated by Francis and Kiku. This was just so unbelievable. You were going to have a child with the man you loved more than anything.

Arthur glanced at you and smiled, making his way back to you. He gently took your hands and looked down at you.

"We're having a baby," he whispered, voice filled with awe. You giggled and squeezed his hands.

"Yeah we are," you whispered back, voice just as filled with wonder. Arthur let go of one of your hands in favor of resting against your stomach that would soon be filling out as your little bundle of joy grew.


You were now just under four months pregnant, and your stomach was slightly larger than it used to be. Ever since the day you'd told Arthur the news, he'd been treating you like you were a porcelain doll. Everything you suggested doing was followed by, "Is that alright for the baby? Won't that tire you out? Are you sure you're feeling up to it?"

It was adorable at first, but sometimes you just wanted him to treat you like he did before the pregnancy.

Case in point, he wouldn't even let you drive yourself to your check-ups anymore. So you sat in the passengers' seat, hands resting on your lightly swollen belly.

Arthur parked the car and was around to your side in a flash, opening your door and helping you out. You sighed and lightly pinched his hand.

"Arthur, I'm pregnant, not crippled." He flushed and walked into the building with you.

"I understand that, love. But I don't want anything to happen to you or the baby. You're just barely out of your first trimester. A lot of things could still go wrong." You sighed again but smiled.

"I'll be fine, Arthur." He glanced at you skeptically but didn't say anything as you made your way to the front desk to let the secretary know you were there. You didn't even need to go sit down because the nurse was already calling your name and leading you to an empty room.

After taking your blood pressure, the nurse left, telling you the doctor would be in shortly to do your ultrasound. You leaned back on the chair you were in and gently took Arthur's hand. He smiled and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles.

"They'll be able to tell the gender when they do this, won't they?" he asked, setting his other hand on your baby bump.

"I think so," you said. "Do you want to know what gender the baby will be?" Arthur sat there for a moment, not answering right away.

"I would like to wait until they're born to find out," he said, finally, looking up at you for approval. You smiled and nodded in agreement. At that moment, the doctor came in and smiled warmly at you both.

"Hello, Mrs. Kirkland. Mr. Kirkland. I am Doctor Nelson," she said, offering a hand. You smiled and shook it, Arthur doing the same. She sat down in a spinning chair and looked at some papers on her clipboard.

"This will be your second ultrasound, correct?" she asked, glancing up at you.

"Yes. I had one a month ago," you said. She nodded and stood up, making her way to the machine next to your chair.

"Then you know what I'll be doing. Since you're about four months along, we'll clearly be able to see what gender your child is. Do you both wish to know that now?"

"No, we decided we'd like to wait until they're born," you said, lifting your shirt so she could smear the strange gel on your stomach. Doctor Nelson nodded in understanding and turned on the machine, lifting the hand-held scanner and set it on your skin.

You gasped in astonishment as you saw your child on the screen. It was still so amazing to think that there was a tiny person forming inside of you. Arthur beamed and raised your hand to press a kiss to it.

Doctor Nelson began shifting the scanner over your belly, but abruptly stopped as she noticed something.

"Well that's odd," she muttered, staring intently at the screen. You immediately began to panic.

"Is something wrong?" you asked, looking down at your stomach. When she chuckled you looked back up at her in shock.

"Nothing's wrong," she said, smiling. "Unless you believe that having twins is a problem." You gaped at her and looked at Arthur, who was just as stunned as you.

"T-twins?" he asked, looking to the screen. Doctor Nelson nodded and moved the scanner a tiny bit to show both of the babies.

"Do you see there?" she asked, pointing at what looked like a third leg. "That is the other twin's leg. And right next to the first one's head is an arm. It's a little fuzzy now since they're still so small, but once they get a little larger, you'll be able to distinguish their bodies." You and Arthur looked at each other and grinned.

"Twins, Arthur. We're having twins," you said, looking back at the screen.

"It's so much more than we'd hoped for," he said, wrapping his free arm around your shoulder.

--Timeskip Again!—

You were woken up in the middle of the night by a sharp pain in your abdomen. You carefully sat up and rubbed your eight and a half months swollen belly, wondering if you'd just imagined the feeling.

That thought was quickly tossed out the window when you were forced to double in pain. At the same moment, you felt a rush of liquid flow out from between your legs and shrieked, waking Arthur.

"Love, what's wrong? What is it?" he asked, barely registering anything.

"Arthur, my water just broke!" you said, tightly clutching his arm. That woke him up immediately and he dashed out of bed. You carefully climbed out of the bed and let Arthur slip a coat on you as he grabbed the overnight bag and lead you to the car.

The ride to the hospital was agony. The contractions were starting to really hurt and you wanted to cry. Arthur pulled into a spot and ran inside to get a wheelchair. You shakily got out of the car when you spotted him with a wheelchair and an attendant, making their way towards you. Moaning in pain, you collapsed into the seat and were rushed inside to a delivery room.

Everything was a blur after that. You were barely aware of anything except pain and the occasional murmur of voices. Every once in a while, you could hear Arthur whispering soothing words to you, which helped more than you thought possible.

When you were able to focus again, the first thing you heard was the sharp cry of two babies. Looking around, you saw doctors and nurses working on cleaning up your children. Arthur was next to you, wiping your forehead and pushing you hair back from your face.

"You did wonderful, poppet," he said affectionately, smiling down at you. You wearily smiled back before looking to the doctor who stood on your other side. He smiled at you and held out your two babies for you to take.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kirkland," he said, as you held your children to your chest. "You are now the parents of two healthy baby boys." You smiled and kissed your little ones on their foreheads and leaned into Arthur's embrace.

"Thank you so much," Arthur said to the doctor.

"It was my pleasure. We'll let the four of you get acquainted," he replied, ushering everyone out.

"What do you want to call them?" you asked, looking up at your husband. He smiled and took the baby with the blue eyes.

"I like Alfred," he said, waving a finger in his son's face that was quickly grabbed by a chubby little fist. You smiled and stroked the cheek of the violet-eyed child in your arms.

"This little one can be Matthew," you said quietly, adoring the little smile that had appeared on his face when you said his new name.

"Alfred and Matthew," Arthur said, smiling and kissing your cheek. "They're perfect." You smiled tiredly and leaned back against the pillows.

"We're really a family now."
So here's the first request of my group of 5 for :iconanimeleadervi: I hope you like it!!

I think it's kinda funny that 3 of my 5 requests are about Reader and a country being married and having kids. But ah well. Family fluff is good for the heart.

Chapter 1: You are here!
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: Coming Soon

I don't own Hetalia, England, America, Canada, or the others.
You belong to :iconsexyengland2plz: and are now the proud mama of :iconcuteamericaplz: and :iconkawaiicanadaplz:
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